Closet Services

Closet Services

Unclutter and organize your closet with Myaann

CLOSET REHAB (average 8 hours)

Just like after a rough night...weekend...season of partying, your closet needs to detox; getting rid of what no longer serves you. This is a full clean out of unwanted/unworn/ill fitting clothing, shoes, and accessories.

I'll then put everything back according to color and sleeve length keeping in mind what you wear most; possibly creating wardrobe stories within your closet. EX: work wear separate from hobby clothing separate from weekend wear, date night, etc.

CLOSET MAKEOVER (average 10 hours - including shopping time + installation)

Ever look at a Pinterest closet and think, "wow - I'm going to do that to my closet one day!" Then you pin the idea and the pin stays on your Closet board for...well...ever. Until now! I'm sorta like the fairy godmother of closets. While I don't install custom shelving, I CAN make the most of IKEA, Container Store, and Target's organizational wares and transform your closet into something you LOVE to walk into everyday! This is for someone who has had a closet rehab and is ready for a complete overhaul and new organization solutions with esthetic appeal.

CLOSET SHOP (up to 3 hours)

Let's go your closet! I'm sure you've got a lot of outfits already. It just takes a second set of (professional) eyes to see the potential. Be prepared to pull out your #1 favorite pieces and things you love but don't know how to wear.

This package is all about stretching your wardrobe and creating more value. Ok, ok, and to keep you from shopping for the moment!
  • Anna Kay Parker
    Expertise. Energy. Enthusiasm. 3 powerful words that highlight Myaann's strengths! I've been a Client of Myaann's for over 4 years and have purchased a variety of her services. I highly recommend Myaann for networking, public speaking opportunities and any of the services she offers.  
    Anna Kay Parker
    Recruiting Consultant & Strategist
  • Melissa Wise
    Myaann is the BEST at what she does! If you are looking for style either of your current clothing or adding a few new pieces Myaann is your fashionista!! Highly recommend! Plus I love her dearly!
    Melissa Wise
    LMT, Orthopedic Massage
  • Melissa Carter
    Every woman needs Myaann in their life! My life and my closet will never be the same again and just gets better and better the more we work together.
    Melissa Carter
    Co-Founder of Pink Salt Cuisine-Elevated and Plant Based Catering
  • Myaann is an inspirational image consultant and personal brand expert! Her talent is truly remarkable and shines throughout each and every photographic exchange we've shared.
    Ashley Strong Smith
    Strong Smith, Inc.
  • The best thing I ever did for myself was hiring Myaann to re-organize my closet and to be my personal shopper. I have so many more options to wear to work and out and about now.
    Lana Yancey
    Executive Assistant at City of Grand Prairie